Is the marriage of one or more cooking traditions, techniques, ingredients or disciplines to form an altogether different approach or finished dish.

This week Chef D is pulling out all the stops and taking the menu up a notch with her NEW

Latin American Fusion Cuisine.

A new and exciting approach of using elements and ingredients from two cultures and highlighting them in a new and exciting way.  And if you enjoyed it before you are going to love this new  approach fusing our passion for American and Latin American cuisine.

Our ALL NATURAL -Potassium Bromate Free FLOUR is now sold by the pound- this is a per/ pound price so please just indicate how many pounds you would like.

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We are NOW selling our ALL NATURAL FLOUR (by the pound), this is the flour that we use for all of our cooking and baking at Fuego and Chrisman Mill Vineyards. It is a special flour that is Potassium Bromate Free. Potassium Bromate is a harmful chemical that is added to most flours and is in the flour of most baked goods in the US. It is banded in almost every country in the world except in the USA because it had been proven to cause cancer. Many of our customers, that have a gluten intolerance tell us that they can eat our bread and bakery items and do not have any issues. We are very excited to offer this item to our very special customers!

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